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Misty Dyan Batson

Misty Dyan Batson is a jackess of many trades and wears just as many hats. To date she is a certified motorcycle mechanic, a CNC machinist, a CNA, a Peace Corps volunteer having served time in Guyana, South America. She is a paint booth operator, a seasonal scenic artist, a banjo player and an amateur paraglider, but her true passions are oil painting and writing. She enjoys painting portraits of people she doesn’t know and using these images as basis for her fictional characters in her short stories and prose, bringing them to life as she watches them crawl out of her paintings and onto a blank page. Misty lives, paints and writes in Salt Lake City, Utah.

You can reach Misty here.

A Letter While I'm Away

You’ve been planning a trip for so long only to wake to find you’ve missed your train, so starts this journey. A journey that ends in murder.

A young woman, traveling alone, trawls her past for the reasons why she has to kill a man. Poetic, inciteful and chilling. An accomplished debut.

Batson’s work ranges from the tender to the brutal. A raw compelling read.