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Achla Bansal

Primarily a short story writer, she was born and brought up in Delhi. It was much later, after a nomadic life -- being married to a railway man -- that she returned to Delhi and took to writing. Her stories have been published widely in leading Indian dailies and journals. Some have been translated into other languages. `Thanks, anyway,' originally published in an Indian anthology, was later published in the UK, US and Germany. `A Thousand Worlds,' an anthology of stories by Indian writers published in the US carried another of her works. Skrev Press published her short story, `Out of Time', in its Indian Sub-continent collection, ''In Pursuit of the Perfect Gourmet Garam Masala''. She has published two collections in English, `Once A Year It Is March' and `Ace Upon King.'


A stunning, collection of contemporary Indian stories, including the award-winning Checkmate. Achla's is a strong voicethat exudes humanity and concern. Her heroes are the underdog, the underlooked and disadvantaged, whom she celebrates and champions.